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Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide - 3rd Quarter 2015, July 31 2015

Friday, July 31

Further Study: “Multitudes will be called to a wider ministry. The whole world is opening to the gospel…From every quarter of this world of ours comes the cry of sin-stricken hearts for a knowledge of the God of love…It rests with us who have received the knowledge, with our children to whole we may impart it, to answer their cry. To every household and every school, to every parent, teacher, and child upon whom has shone the light of the gospel, comes at this crisis in Israel’s history, “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time at this?” – Ellen G. White, The Adventist Home, pp. 484, 485.

Discussion Questions :

1.       Discuss the prophecies in the book of Daniel, especially Daniel 2, 7, and 8. I what ways are these such a powerful testimony, not only to the prophetic reliability of the Bible but to God’s foreknowledge of the future? For instance, notice how, between Daniel 2, 7 and 8, three of the four main kingdoms are named for us. How should this help us learn to trust in the Word of God and His promise to us?
2.       In these accounts in the book of Daniel and some of the other stories (such as Joseph), there were some miracles that, of course, greatly added to the credibility of their witness to the pagans around them. At the same time, too, what aspects of their character lend even more credibility to their witness? That is, in what way can character and faithfulness, even more that sign and what HE can do in our lives?
3.       As we saw in Wednesday’s lesson, Matthew 24:14 says that the gospel needs to go to the ends of the earth, and then the end will come. Does this mean that Jesus will not come back until we do the work that He has called us to do? Discuss.

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